KTR DENTAL can provide your practice with a wide selection of rotary instruments. Diamond Burs, Diamond Discs, Carbide Burs, Trimming and Finishing, TC Cutters, Polishers, Implant Drills and many other dental rotary instruments. Among the most comprehensive catalog offering in the field with more than 6000 products to choose from, you can be assured that KTR DENTAL has that specific bur you're looking for. FREE shipping on orders over $100.


Our Laboratory Digital Workflow process, MegaBytesDDS™, provides a digital solution from impression to placement of fixed prosthetics. This proprietary digital method allows the use of any available PFM or porcelain to zirconia materials in addition to the monoblock materials. We have the option to accurately duplicate the preoperative outer tooth shape or the shape of a patient approved provisional appliance to minimize chairside adjustments and maximize patient satisfaction.